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The first five images (other continue after them) show the Milky Way, from its edge view in space which looks like a disc with a central bulge. From earth this curved shape looks like a river or sea in  which the stars sit. (The following stars and constellations are helpful in locating the earths position in the Milky Way.  Auturus or Arcturus and the Chariot of Ursa Major, the Great Bear or ‘Big Dipper’, the processional zodiac above the north pole point to the North and the North Star Polaris) They  show where the earth is in relation to the Milky Way and understanding  the Milky Way (which resembled a river in the sky to older societies) then helps to explain earths journey through the Milky Way and Solar System. The following video explains that the Earth and the Sun are moving through space around each other. The Milky Way is also moving through the Universe, which system rotates around which, and where the center of the universe is, is a debate which has continued since Galileo Galilei (in effect Galileo was also incorrect, It was believed that the earth was flat or the centre of  the then known solar system which Galileo proved was incorrect, yet the orbit of the Sun and the Earth are not as he thought. Telescopes and satellites revealing more           today ) Copernicus, Johannes Kepler to Isaac Newton. Theological and scientific debates discuss these issues. A brief outline summary of the history of star, lore, science, and theology follows in the next paragraphs. (Following this further down are the other images and explanations)

Modern technology affords a very sophisticated and advanced ability to study the Universe, yet ancient society knew  details of the Solar System, Milky Way and the Universe but modern science  is unable (as yet) to explain how they could have this advanced knowledge. Interesting facts which show design  intricately woven into the universes is also hard to explain. The origins of the universe are also in question. The debate between science and religion dictates our world view, and a part of that  debate (the big bang theory by Stephen Hawkins and the story of everything…almost) between, Evolution,   Agnosticism Intelligent design (intelligent design does not always follow a spiritual view of our origins, but rejects ‘natural selection’, viewing the Universe as impossible to have occurred by chance) Creation continues amidst these explorations as does creation science (from 9 pHd scientists) which, for education equality should be taught with Evolution 1 Evolution 2   & Evolution 3.   Darwinism (Charles Darwin) is now discredited and largely dismissed by Scientists but not by textbooks which are still out of date.  (see Dr Ben Carson Neurosurgeon and US presidential candidate hear his audio here Ben Carson who is a Phd follows the logic and centuries old discussion of Descartes and Heidegger i.e. how can something arise from nothing. (the remaining unsolved question in science, theology and philosophy) DNA does not generate out of nothing. The 1950s Stanley Miller experiment which claimed to generate life from nothing turned out to be a crock of amino acids. (the last video proves cause and effect and scientifically and shows the Universe had a beginning and time and space existed before “the beginning” i.e. a intelligence before the beginning of matter)

The following links are examples of the continuing debate Stars and lightyears in biblical texts. Proofs of biblical history Roman Catholic View & Karl Sagan &  let children decide over their lifetimes

Early civilizations believed the heavens lay within the Milky Way, and star lore or astronomical sciences or the Astrologer priests studied the stars and planets for theological and scientific reasons

A portion of the website is as follows. In Egypt Pharaohs ‘Solar Boat’ was a literal boat to literally sail down the Nile (across the Milky Way) and also discovered recently as a literal boat. Represented as Queen Nuit who birthed Isis, who in turn represented the night sky, and whose Breasts as stars supplied the Milk from the Milky way, which could be found by navigating by Orion crossing the Nile into the West. Pharaoh as the Sun God Ra, would become the Atum/Aten or Ra Atum (i.e the Aten or literally becoming God in micro and macro until Egyptians wondered if there was a creator God who created the Atum and Ra, i.e the one God. The word ‘Atom’ is derived from Aten; Atoms are microscopic containing the smallest known  matter although it was the Greeks who first coined the phrase, many ancient civilizations instinctively knew something existed in minutia. God to the Egyptians existed at micro and macro level in all things) After the crossing (avoiding the snake APEP, also known as Ophiuchus the 13th constellation and there are 72 known signs and constellations not 12) the next morning Pharoah would rise as Ra Horakhty, regenerated by his own efforts  (the morning sun or star) having fought with the Gods or Angels, re-appearing from Queen Isis dark night. The Pyramids at Giza and its shafts align with (Queens chamber = Sirius, the Nile star as Isis and Ursa Minor & Major which points to Arcturus the great bear in the north the ‘big dipper’ )  &  (Kings Chamber shafts align with Osiris as Orion’s belt. Orion the great hunter shown with a spear or bow and arrow in the river or the sky Many great megalithic or Neolithic sites around the world show sophisticated astronomical alignments to map out and cross the Milky Way.

They are usually residing besides a river (such as the Danube, see the end of chapter 2 above, and Knowth in Ireland and usually at the bend in the river, reflecting the curve of the Milky way as it seems in the night sky. Settlements beside the river are not just for practical water resource reasons) The ancient Egyptians were no different and sailing to the Milky Way was their aim as a belief that its centre was the very City of Heaven and returning to it in the afterlife or in this life was possible. Whilst many cannot accept a belief in the afterlife or much of ancient history (Pharaohs’ army,and chariots and armour were discovered in the Red Sea, near where Ramses’ real Pharaoh body was also discovered and is now in the Egyptian museum following the Exodus The Exodus began before the Ark of the Covenant was made.

The tradition of assuming the Milky Way was a lost paradise or homeland (many ancient tribes had this belief and to date) is the apex of ‘star lore’ which was regarded as belonging to the ‘power’ behind the Atum Ra as the Aten from which the word ‘Amen’ is derived and which pointed a way to the Promised Land. Abraham was from the land of the Astrologer Priests כשדים  (Kaśdim). ‘Amen’ derives from Amun Ra which is known and accepted, but it has origins in ‘Aleph-Mem-Nun’ in Hebrew and of course the Hebrews (from which Judah is one tribe) came from Egypt as āmán  אָמֵן The Hebrew (language) existed in Egypt and before the Exodus. Is Ra El  or Isis, Ra & El is a English translation of a Hebrew translation of ISRAEL יִשְׂרָאֵל (which has more than 3 characters and is read from right to left) but El was a title and not a name of God or Yahweh as Elohim  אֱלֹהִים. ISRAEL. Egyptian deities were known but foreign to them, hence the Exodus, but types or similarities existed philosophically) The word Israel occurs in Genesis 32,38 before the Exodus when the Bethel Stone (Genesis 28,18) was dreamt upon. The location of this stone is known today.

This tradition but under a different movement which suggested behind both Atum Ra (Pharaoh and many Gods) and behind Aten (the Sun or one God) who created Atum Ra, the one God was another power even greater, continued into Canaan (the Hebrew fertile crescent) as the Promised Land of Milk and Honey Given the accuracy of aligned earth sites with the map of the sky and the time ancient sites took to construct and plan the level of learning and sophistication required to complete them is astounding. The third image shows where you are right at this moment in the Milky Way, and further down in the images you can surf the Universe through the internet to see where the Milky Way is in the Universe. From Israel to Egypt to Europe and the Northern Hemisphere legends and stories intertwine with star lore as a way of remembering them, especially for children. ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ is a story concerning the great bear constellation. Other histories employed star lore as ancient society knew the skies intimately.

‘Joseph of Arimathea’ is supposed to have travelled to Britain and to Glastonbury. Legend has it that he planted his staff in the ground and it budded into bloom. This legend would signify Levitical authority as the staff would be the staff Aaron and Moses carried (Aarons rod in 1446 bc) before and after the Exodus. The Joseph of Arimathea legend predates the Saxon invasions of Britain/ Albion (as Joseph of Arimathea was the Uncle of Jesus Christ 2 bc – 28ad ) and the Celtic tribes then under Roman rule (except Scotland and Ireland) populated the Island at this time and since. Within generations of the Saxon invasion new teachings were recognised Druid teachings now include (in retrospect) different views on the history (by Isabel Hill Elder among other views) of the migrations. The rest of the images display many of the chosen images on the website and also a few spaces to allow interaction with the stars allowing you to travel and view the Universe through the internet.

For those in interested in Geometry, Mathematics or Construction, the Delian problem is also highlighted within. (see images further down) Plato believed that the purpose of trying to solve this problem (a request from Apollo to the Greeks at Delos) was simply to learn geometry and mathematics as a theoretical exercise, as he thought it impossible. For children trying to solve this problem (which is solved within this website and which can be found and read)


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Sombrero Galaxy and constellation of Virgo. The picture highlights many interesting aspects of history and cosmology, which is why it was chosen.This brilliant galaxy was named the Sombrero because of its resemblance to the broad rim and high-topped Mexican hat.The Sombrero lies at the southern edge of the rich Virgo constellation, cluster of galaxies and is one of the most massive objects in that group, equivalent to 800 billion suns.The galaxy is 50,000 light-years across and is located 28 million light-years from Earth.The sombrero galaxy was captured here in infa red in the constellation of Virgo. In Hebrew, Bethlehem means house of bread. In the ancient constellation of Virgo, the Virgin, is holding stalks of grain. Virgo follows Leo (the Lion)

Around 2000 years ago, a conjunction of planets occurred with Jupiter (or God king), and Saturn, (House of Judah), in the constellation of Pisces the Fish, (the House of the Hebrews, and its opposite Sun sign Virgo Leo  in the circular Zodiac) The three wise men or the three stars of Orion, which point towards Sirius the brightest star after the Sun. Sirius was also associated with Osiris, the Egyptians sacred star, and in the Gospels the “son of man”.  In the constellation of Pisces, Orion pointed Sirius.This has given rise to the controversy or difference between the “morning star” and the “bright and morning star”.Virgo as a constellation was also mentioned by the assyro-babylonians, as a symbol of femininity, fertility and purity.Babylonia also linked her with Ishtar carrying a sheaf of wheat, also known as Astarte or Ashtoreth or Isis from where we derive Easter. The Celts called her Alban Eilir, Eostar, Eostre (Lady Day).

Similar themes also exist with Isis & Osiris, who dropped her wheat sheaf fleeing from the monster. It was the time when the Virgin (Virgo) conceives in Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21) or Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) and gives birth in August to September, which also corresponds to Tishri and the Feast of Tabernacles on 15th Tishri (from late September old Calendar, although Virgo is August 23 – September 23). This date is when the expected Messiah born a Virgin would be born.The Zodiac has its opposite power 6 months hence in its cycle, or the power behind the Sun.Thus Leo which is also a sign of Judah or the Lion of the tribe of Judah, which precedes the Virgin marks the way for the Messiah born in the feast of Tabernacles.The Zodiac simply begins in Virgo or Isis and ends in Leo every year or great year. The constellation of Leo and the Sphinx in Egypt have between their paws the star Regulus.

Virgo, the Greeks called her Persephone (roman Proserpina), and she was taken to Hades (midwinter) but her Mother Demeter (roman Ceres)  cursed the crops until she was let free.

In Judaism the Winter Solstice around or after Hanukkah whilst marking (just after Hanukkah which is not a Mosaic feast) the death of the Sun (Dec 21st) also marked the re-birth of the Sun (Dec 25th) and nine months later at the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth in the month of Tishri 15th – 22nd) the Messiah would be born (not at Mid – Winter or Dec 25th). This marks a distinction to the Sun as  God and a creator of the Sun as  God.

Calculating the length of a year (360 days or 356, or other) is difficult due to the earths rotation, it seems to have a different number of days each year, consequently “Easter” was also difficult to calculate, and its current solution involves adding a day called a leap year. Many cultures have had 28 day months or 27 or even 33, we currently add a day to the end of February every four years and call it a leap year.The Egyptian dual calendar system included the Sothic calendar based upon the helical rising of the star Sirius that occurs every 365.2500 days.

Easter and its calculations began with disputes between solar and lunar calendars in conflict. Why they remain in conflict is a political problem not a logical mathematical one. Common ground in the dispute, was “Easter” followed the first full moon following the Vernal equinox (spring, day of equal length for night and day). At Knowth in Meath the sun enters into the west chamber 19 days before the vernal equinox, and 9 moons later you have midwinter, when the sun disappears for three days and suddenly re-appears, thus you have rebirth date. Bridget’s feast (beginning of spring is February 2nd) For further details of the jewish Passover and Easter and Knowth see the following facebook page / note link which details the 2016 spring time  (or here “Passover as opposed to Easter. Adar 1 and Adar 2 (leap year) Purim & The Spring Vernal Equinox and the true Spring Vernal Equinox. Jewish year date. Counting the Omer of 50 days for Shavuot / Pentecost. Philo the Levite and Passover, Knowth and the Scarlett thread” )

They had calculated this “moveable feast” problem 4500 before any dispute arose in Ireland with St Patrick (who was not Ireland’s first Christian, but he would certainly have been versed in all aspects of megalithic culture and science, a tradition which continues to this day, Cormac Mac Airt lived at least 200 years before Patrick, and recent excavations in Cork and Kerry show a date as early as 150 AD for Christianity’s arrival possibly/most likely from Coptic Egyptian Christians) and also harmonized the calendars over a nineteen year period.

Although Newgrange is famous for its winter solstice Sun entrance into its chamber, it also calculates different moon phases, and is sometimes called the “womb of the moon”.Sun and Moon in perfect rhythm.

Therefore the picture of all of Virgo’s stars is very significant.

This image is late period Art Nouveau inspired art. Inspired by early Celtic and later medieval art. It is taken from the inside page of a book by James Macpherson Ossian from 1760. Oisin and Ossian are the same name in Scots or Irish Gaelic. 

The name was chosen for this website as it is a name from a bardic story most people are familiar with. It is unusual as it begins in everyday settings, and moves into other dimensions (as the only way to describe this part of the story) and then returns at a later date to familiar settings. After this a dialogue begins between Oisin and St Patrick on Christianity and Pre -Christian themes.The theme of the Tir na Og story relates that belief in the other world christian or pagan is evident. Every nation on earth has folk stories which are handed down from generation to generation in order to preserve history. Tir no Og (or the land of the youth) is one story and it is unusual. From the brothers Grimm in Germany, to Scandinavian stories, European and on every continent they shape the philosophy and direction of a country or movement. Any folktale (which are based upon real histories) can inspire.


In Irish literature there is nothing like it or indeed any other literature. Further the distant lands it describes are also describe din poems and songs and also suggest an ‘ideal land’ which on a practical level is also interesting to architects and planners as well as poets. Partners in the website are familiar with it and many Bardic legends and histories of Ireland.



The familiar St Bridgits Cross is still made by hand from river rushes to this day, the festival of Brid or brig is celebrated every 2nd February and in Kildare, a special festival is given over to celebrate Bridget (Feile Brid). Brid simply means “Holy Woman” and it has had this meaning for thousands of years across Europe. There have been many bridgits down the centuries over millenia, including brid the daughter of Aoengus, grandaughter of the dagda and danu or anu (aine) meaning river. Brids cross also reminds us of the solar calandar feasts i.e. winter solstice (21 December), Spring Equinox (21 March) Summer Solstice (21 June) & Autumn Equinox (21 September), these are intersected by the insular celtic calandar, which on the feast of st john the summer solstice is at it zenith, and is also associated with aine (anu), these four Celtic feast’s are Lughnasa (1st August) , Samhain (1st November), Imbolc (or Brids, 1 Feb) & Beltainne (1 May).Brids cross if viewed as a circle year marks these dates, but they begin when she returns on 1 Feb.Bridgit most famous is course Brid of Faughart (Fothairt Mhuirtheimhne, in Uibh Fhaille) in County Louth, yet as there have been many Holy Woman through Pagan and Christian beliefs and centuries she is both Saint and Goddess. Warrioress and Healer. 

Bridgits Mother Broicsech, was a Christian, and her Father Dubhthach, was a pagan chieftain of Leinster a province in Ireland.

The symbol was chosen as she was also Goddess of the forge, poetry and metalwork. For a co-operative the symbol both Christian and Pagan is very apt.

(SUN AND MOON) When the Moon is full it must be directly opposite the Sun, as such it has given rise to the belief that the sun is the eye of god (both in Basque and Vedic and many cultures) and the moon the face of the goddess. Although this is not constant the sun is perceived as masculine and the moon feminine, (yet Bridgit for example is also described as the sun see image above).The Tuatha De Danaan had three main symbols they loved, 

1) the sun 2) the magical hazel 3) the plough.The Sun was used as a symbol of the Fianna and can still be seen on Badges of Sinn Fein and Republican Sinn Fein today. The home of the Fianna for the most part Tara in Meath, the rising Sun would have meant the most at Winter and Summer solstice, when its rays and disc would have illuminated the morning dawn, and looking East to the Mouth of the Boyne at Drogheda, its rays would have travellled down the river, past all the ancient monuments, all the way to its source in Kildare / Offally.This would have signified the sun uniting with the Goddess (the river) and consummating the source of fertility in the land. The sun rising in and on the land and also bursting into each heart at the solstice.This picture shows sun and moon united for hope and peace, a symbol which the poor, disabled and children need to understand.

2) They are also mentioned in the bible Joshua 10, 12 – 14. Issiah 60:19, Psalms 89:35-37: Psalms 104:19, Revelation 21:23-25


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‘ Work ‘ painted by Ford Madox Brown the Pre-Raphaelite painter 1821 – 6 October 1893. Depicting the different ‘classes’ at work, and showing Labour as the origin of wealth.

This period in Britain, Ireland and the World saw a resurgence in manufacturing not just in crafts but also all skills of industry. Co-operatives were seen as vehicles to facilitate small industry or shared interests.Or provide an extra vehicle (special purpose vehicle perhaps) for secondary industries from the main activity to share a guaranteed income stream.

Co-operative history and practice.(which also describes the links to credit unions, and then building societies, mutual sand banking)


Credit Unions video and article



This Tolkien like image is of course Art Nouveau inspired art. It represents nine Hazels, both the number nine and the Hazel, were considered magical in themselves. Although Ullord is the name of an Apple orchard, it is also a double meaning, as Apples represent another land in celltc  folklore, and trees are central to understanding Celtic druid lore & the language of Ohm .It is said that the wind through a trees branches gave a different Ohm letter/symbol.Trees and their condition also represent a nations wealth, and countries who preserve and protect their forests, prosper. In the West unlike the native american indian who believes that everything is alive, we do not associate the importance of Oak and Hazel forests with a healthy nation.Another or other land is an interesting concept for a design or land management company.

Nuns strand in County Kerry, taken by a American lady on holiday,it captures the magnificent setting sun over which it is possible (perhaps) to ride, on the way to Tir na Og, through the sea to another dimension (as the story of Oisin relates). (see also McPherson’s Ossian above)  

The theme of the Tir na Og story relates that belief in the other world christian or pagan is evident. Every nation on earth has folk stories which are handed down from generation to generation in order to preserve history. Tir no Og (or the land of the youth) is one story and it is unusual. From the brothers Grimm in Germany,to Scandinavian stories, European and on every continent they shape the philosophy and direction of a country or movement. Any folktale (which are based upon real histories) can inspire.

The video relates the origins of the Universe and its origins, which begins from nothingness defined as nothing can come from nothing in physics and thermodynamics. “nothingness” remains unspecified by science. Time and space and matter are now proven to have existed before the ‘big bang’ which raises more questions than it solves from a division of space which took place into two and then into three (triune) and so on. At the triune  (trinity) division mathematics or trigonometry began. As geometry develops it forms a lotus which is a symbol Buddhists have recognized and meditated upon before microscopes or scientific analysis discovered this design in the Universe’s origins.

This consistent design feature (in the image to the left) observable in nature, the Vesica Piscis is in the centre of design and our origins.

Sacred Geometry Explained Part 1 of 2


Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis



Lotus and the flower of life central to the origins and design of the universe.  

Today 140 years after Darwin it is now understood that DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is required to make Proteins, and you require DNA to make RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and you need RNA to also then make proteins ! (and carbo-hydrates) hence the circular origin of life and the chain of coding and matter cannot have appeared from nothing on its own from the ‘primordial swamp’ (a name invented by a Greek philosopher) and evolved into living cells. Which came first ? DNA if incomplete in its code (like a computer code) fails to produce whole and completed lifeforms or species, and if you alter the code slightly in its early formation, it dies, hence it cannot mutate into a new species naturally or at all. DNA is not divisible creating sustained natural life, and Charles Darwin admitted he did not know where the first cell originated (no branch of science or theology can agree on this problem) The early Greek philosophers would have included all the facts in the debate, but today that inclusive exploration does not occur. (Ben Carson Neurosurgeon and US Presidential candidate)

When you combine the information above with that of Dr Francis Crick (winner of the Noble Peace Prize for discovering the double helix Structure of DNA, the human blue print within each cell) and his associate Leslie Orgel who both actually claimed that ‘spontaneous generation’ of these cells did not occur by chance, both of these admissions / discoveries have removed Darwinism from accepted Science. The co-existent search for the ‘Lost Atlantis’ as the beginning of our origins also centers on Greece (the area of Atlantis in some theories) and this theme is also hinted at in the film named at the end of this paragraph (by Luc Besson, the Big Blue, or Grande Blue) Greece is responsible for so much in western culture. These questions considered by the Pope, the Protestant church and all the major religions have origins in Greece, and the philosophy re-appears as ideology. The Science which is distinguished and irrefutable is ignored as the implications are threatening to ideology but not to society.

see above

Secrets in Plain Sight — by Scott Onstott




The image to the side has a connection to Newgrange. Newgrange (and Knowth nearby) is an incredible design of sophistication and science on many levels incorporating design principles. One aspect of the area is described below and explains how a story or myth is used picture astrological events. What is especially unusual about Newgrange is some of its myths are not just stories and can still be seen today.

This image represents the constellation of Cygnus (the Swan). And this representation is the myth of the ‘Swan that dived’.Following Deneb (the star) the swan dived below the horizon, when the sun disappeared at winter solstice and retrieved it.The constellation and Deneb were employed to imagine and trace the Sun which previously was still ‘visible when it then disappeared on December 21st (below the Horizon in the Northern Hemisphere) before miraculously appearing to ‘Jump’ back up from Hades or the underworld alive as the earths wobble moved the Horizon lower. (Dec 25th) Cygnus as a constellation is also known as the  Northern Cross, Deneb means “tail” in Arabic and is the tail of the swan which also flies southward along the Milky Way.

With Altair in Aquila and Wega in Lyre, Deneb forms the Summer triangle which is very bright in the sky.Many myths surround Cygnus and it’s sacrifice for friendship.Cygnus is a friend of Phaethon, the son of Apollo, the sun god.Phaethon fell into the river Eridanus, trying to drive the sun-gods chariot. Cygnus dove repeatedly into the water to search for Phaethon. Out of pity, Zeus turned the boy into a swan.One myth states that out of Cygnus a thousand skills shall descend. Newgrange is also associated with Cygnus as is the Hill of Tara, and Swans still reside at Newgrange begging  the question which came first the constellation or the Swans. Swans also feature in the Children of Lir story.

The Winter Solstice is so marked and the Sun out of view was followed by watching the Constellations descent, thus the Swan saved the Sun.Fear of the disappearing sun motivated men and woman to watch markers for its return.

See the Cygnus enigma (3 videos) and the “great rift” which fascinated ancient society in link 1




The following stained glass designs are taken from a free website (lost link) which designs stained glass. These are original designs of Art Nouveau arts and crafts ideas of the 19th century.

Ullords page is in effect an arch, and these stained glass images are the pillars. An arch was chosen as, in construction it has always been the main method of support, supplying strength.

(Above Trinity)Tulip

Architecture is designed to be practical, cost effective pleasing to the senses, and also many buildings are designed for spiritual reasons and some encompass all aspects of design, including Sacred Geometry.

All cultures including western have a belief in the Tree of Life as a beginning to life. Certain Scythian and the Kazars era’s followed these beliefs all tribes have considered pagan beliefs. Music is present in all beliefs, whilst the tree of life remains a constant origin in all beliefs. The origins of the Khazars encompass slavic, scandinavian and middle east ideas, origins and beliefs from the black sea and mesopotamia areas.

This ancient Tengrist Shamans drum displays the belief of the early Khazars in a Sky God who in the ancient world tree connects three worlds, as such it was beaten to unite those worlds.The Tengrist universe consisted of three worlds, a lower or underground world, the middle world in which human beings lived, and the upper spiritual world.The lower world could be entered by means of a spiritual “river.” The middle world connected with the upper world by means of a sacred World Tree.

The World Tree with nine leaves and the four directions symbol are common. Rituals and ceremonies were typically performed on a mountain top or by a sacred tree, places where human beings could come into contact with the spiritual world.Ancient and Early Middle Ages writers report of a number of revolts caused by attempts to supplant or overthrow the traditional religion.One was reported in Scythia Minor in the Crimea, when the Scythian nobles learned about their king’s inclination toward Greek culture.Buddhism or Islam replaced

Tengrist beliefs.Whilst many have Spiritual beliefs the drum also represents down to earth realities for the worker.


1. The Delian Problem, a problem of doubling the size of a Cube in volume size, not the actual length of the sides. The shape can change but the length of the sides must remain the same proportionally.

In effect keeping the same size in cubic square feet or meters but doubling the volume. This was a problem for the Greeks, and in ancient Crete and in Israel.

Plato believed the instruction to solve this problem was simply an exercise to then learn geometry and mathematics, but the problem has been solved since.

2. Delian Problem and Metatrons cube


The following three images have links which guide us through maps of the universe. Ancient cultures regarded knowing where they were in the Universe as most important. This link is to wikipedia’s universe map and it is very useful. interactive map

If you prefer “” also has a universe map

Further if you want to view the constellations as a map in relation to Earth please use Google sky below, it has many alternative features. Googles sky universe map

Basics of Scared Geometry. Pythagoras seen here pictured with the Three squares of Elucid and teh 47 th problem (although 300 years separated Pythagoras and Elucid. Pythagorus lived 30o years before Elucid)

Basics of Sacred Gemotry

The ’47th Problem’ of Euclid



This image is the front page image of a Kindle Only edition of a book which examines the basics of Religion, Philosophy and Politics through the science of Sacred Geometry and alternative history.

‘ The Uncreated Creator ‘

This is the third edition of this book and discussions of its contents through conversation, email or social media has led to a deeper exploration of the issues. It is essentially the same book but has allowed disputes, opinions and problems which have existed for centuries (or much longer) to open up. This book allows this accumulated feedback to enter into its script, and many technical problems which were left slightly incomplete or merely suggested to allow a wider discussion.

For all those who bought the first edition and do not want to re-purchase you can join facebook at and discuss any issues (and see topics relating to the first book edition) with many people and find further information

Israel currently only provisional in size and territory, as Jordan in January 2014 is to be annexed to Israel. Jordan’s land being the original state of Israel under the 12 tribes.(right click and open links in new tab) As Jerusalem receives its Third Temple and expands to its True size the ancient Menorah symbol has been located in Jerusalem


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