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The oisintrust is a becoming charity.

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The oisintrust advocates support for Justice of children Worldwide, it supports the renewal of society through fair and equal distribution of funds and money to aid those ends. In a world of lack the unequal distribution of money towards social justice issues and especially since the bank collapses of 2008 to date many societies, groups and charities have seen dramatic cutbacks to those funds. The wider debate into political economic raison d’etre or practical measures to ensure Children’s Justice Issues are also not just a sounding board but have practical measures to enforce them, is also in line with CSR Corporate Social Responsibility.  (Corporate Conscience or Sustainable Responsible Business) Applying ethics and temperance to profitable business is a difficult task and globalisation and market forces have to take account of their responsibility in these areas. It is an area of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

Further in order to avoid the scandals and bureaucracy of charging fees to run a charity (and therefore an expensive management company many of whom have also been hit by scandal) It is necessary to examine the financial system itself. Whilst it is almost impossible to be politically neutral alternative methods are possible and a non-disruptive crusade into the financial system is both ethical and also provides stability to it. Assistance to children, children’s hospitals, war ravaged children (Syria being an obvious recent example) assistance to disabled children’s groups, children victims of abuse and the children of disabled veterans means providing financial help to those causes.

Often these causes require development, development which can come under ESG or Environmental Social Governance which are of course funded by bonds and developers of Orphanages as one example (such as the Dali Lama, who is facing interest or oppression from two countries) could come under the ‘Natural Capital’ as opposed to industrial and stock market alone and be developed and lodged in areas of outstanding natural beauty under mitigation banking trusts as green bond development.

The circular arguments of why these ideas cannot be achieved set against world poverty increase’s are not worth the effort when it is considered what could be achieved.

The attached four letters are a part of that philosophy and the website(s) hosting them are a macro / micro examination of economics from examples and alternative views and all information/history is pertinent to those charitable aims in order to make for a wider debate.


Dalai Lama who in exile has developed schools and orphanages in Tibet, Nepal & India under extreme duress. His financial trust also accepts students and teaches on the debate between science and religion. (A noble pursuit which states)

“The Trust also seeks to support initiatives that encourage a sense of universal responsibility in the global community, and the advancement of dialogue between science and religion”  http://www.dalailamatrust.org/

See also http://www.sonas.lsaweb.net/ Chapter 4 & the Dalai Lama meets the American Enterprise Institute


Children Worldwide need enforceable human rights.

The ideas in this chapter 4 (http://www.sonas.lsaweb.net/ Chapter 4 ) are now employed in part in other areas of commerce, but not as yet formally for the slaves or the trafficked. A principle established in world War 2 by Oscar Schindler subsequently made into a film (Schindler’s list) could be the most effective method of ending slavery ?

The letters at the beginning of this chapter (http://www.sonas.lsaweb.net/ &  Chapter 4 ) have been emailed back to President Obama, the charities and the Dalai Lama (26.10.2105)

” The Mind and Life Dialogues began in 1987 as a joint quest between scientists, philosophers, and contemplatives to investigate the mind, develop a more complete understanding of the nature of reality, and promote well-being on the planet “

The plight of the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) fleeing persecution from the Maoist Chinese (despite western forces buffering Tibet against Chairman Mao at Amdo 1956 – 1959) resonates with the situation in the Middle East today. Tibet is an autonomous region, on most maps it appears as Tibet and on others it does not exist, like the proverbial Shang ri la, it exists but it disappears again depending on the map maker. A benefactor to the Tibetan people is Adam Engle the American Entrepreneur who began life as a Lawyer eventually forming a Global Investment management company (the management of securities and real estate)  amongst other ventures (the petro-dollar system circa 1973 also boosted the need for asset management and complex financial instruments analysis) and he is the co-founder of the Social Venture NetworkIN 1987. In 1974 he began working with the Tibetan community and later founded the ‘Mind and life dialogues‘ in 1987 and later the Mind and Life Institute with the Dalai Lama in 1990. The dialogue’s highlighted concerns and discussed philosophical issues and problems in society and  the Dalai Lama’s book “The Universe in a Single Atom‘ is a part of that discussion. Obviously this is deep subject and is lot to discuss and dialogue, but it reflects the Buddhists teachings on the inner and outer reality, the great and the small soul or  the macrocosm and microcosm, in which the small soul can effect the whole or large soul of God and people.(being one and the same) It is at odds therefore with Marxism and perhaps some real estate philosophies. Shang ri la could be worth Billions in real estate values but if it disappears then what value can be placed upon it.

A safe zone was established in Dharamshala in India for 80,000 Tibetans who wish to return. It took money and real estate to make it happen. A safe zone could also be established in the Middle East nearby or with the help of surrounding countries.

The information below is hypothetical (so far) but is a collection of existing institutions, ideas and aims which are struggling to cope with the problem.

All of the information here provides for a good Mind Life dialogue. The subjects (of which the above is just a sample) form a part of the discovery of history, religion and science and ideas. However the dialogue’s below are a lot less theoretical or philosophical and it is a scientific pursuit which requires logic and action. It is a part of a solution of the biggest criminal scandal on the planet, as such it is not an academic or philosophical pursuit. (Buddhism and the cognitive sciences discussion)

This Chapter and this page Sonas contains information on finance and banking, everything from open market operations to new banking phone apps which assist refugees and children (if they have phones) and it contains finance instruments and projects which have already proven themselves as successful financial vehicles and methods. It also moots the idea of a Children’s bank (for want of a better term or name). This name is specifically chosen as it is simply a holding fund for victims which can be added too from the central banking system, or by existing charities or from individual donations or by philanthropic institutions and concerns. There is currently no permanent fund, which experts and professionals can work with. This would take deeper government commitment and a large pool or fund is the missing ingredient to stopping the crimes. People who are averse to new ideas would say it is impossible or naive or unrealistic, yet the Dalai Lama in his trials and endeavors and also his colleagues (Mind Life and the Social Venture network) have actually achieved real financial solutions combined with real estate solutions in this very area of possibilities. Many other activists have also tackled these problems and are continuing to do so. One objection to its aims is that it may cause inflation…. in the monetary system(from a interested Lecturer in banking) They did not think its system of operation was impossible, just that it may cause inflation. If you want to understand inflation or deflation (which can be dull) then your on the right page.

Some theoretical dialogues do not follow the actual facts of history. A current fact is the situation with human slavery and the trafficking of woman and children. These slaves are living life lower (with respect to Zen Buddhists) than any zen Buddhist in terms of material possessions, they are not even in the caste system and are lower than the lowest caste, they are a minus (from 0 caste -1 to – 100). They are exploited as Marxists would see it, but there labour is 100% exploited and there surplus labour at the point of exchange is minus from zero, below a wage level or rate. There is no scientific or theoretical abstract analysis required in truth.

Allowing for a pool of money which exceeds the total profit of traffickers (which would need to be held or banked) would make buying back the slaves instant and an achievable aim. This has happened in some cases when families go after their loved ones with a ransom and governments have engaged in such ideas but there is no permanent fund, which  experts and professionals can work with. For those who worry about inflation (38 billion is the current profit in the industry and inflation on an extra 40 billion or less is negligible) the resultant care facilities and hospitals and schools are real estate and the economic asset theory is that inflation will increase property prices over time (even through several boom and busts) Even without inflation property prices increase (as has been proven in the last 3 years 2012 – 2015) This asset value increase will provide funds to re-imbursh the central baking system over time. It is likely that many banks may write off certain repayments in the circumstances easing the pressure on funds. It would require a business model (small or large) and whilst it may not always guarantee freedom for all trafficked it reduces the percentages.

It is repugnant to buy anyone but it is worse if it continues, and Schindler’s list proved that point. It affects every nationality Globally and $38 Billion is a drop in the ocean. $150 billion was just given to Iran who deal extensively in Human Trafficking and Child and Woman. slavery.But will it be spent on reducing trafficking and poverty or armaments

Numerous Groups, and activists and charities have endeavoured in this or similar projects.  (i.e Buy back rescuesSteve Maman ) yet they are successful (John Eibner ) Attempts across many Governments and agencies to bring it to a Global professional level are ongoing. Aspects of the debate are outlined below.

Many countries have banned or outlawed the purchase of sex for money, but children are not ‘sex workers’ or forced labour slaves and moral decisions will always exist in the first and second of the oldest trades in the world. Children do not fall into that dialogue. Sex workers can be provided for, and can be taken from drugs and squalor. For the conservatives the Biblical book of Philemon relates solution’s also.

(Discussions have raised some problems) Consider the financial cost of policing the trafficking and slave industry globally, (not just in Africa but Russia, Europe, USA, South America, India and the Gulf States) purchasing the trafficked would make savings instantly and streamline the objective which is to end trafficking and free the slaves. Whether it is an individual bought back or a family with funds or entire complexes of hundreds of trafficked people (children and woman) then this added measure onto existing systems could provide major breakthroughs. Any trafficker who has his funds seized would exchange prisoners for a ransom. Arguments against the idea also include the supply and demand argument in which suggests that slave prices will rise as purchases increase, this is unproven and the cost is a secondary argument, whilst increasing slavery victims is the actual problem to be solved.

Problems of people setting up scams (false trafficking scenarios) and/or who are seeking a false ransom are easily identified in the system of intelligence currently compiled. The United Nations thinks it will fuel the slave trade but with military threats the real from the false is easily distinguishable. Over time knowledge would increase globally into new intelligence. If protracted investigations cannot identify all aspects of an operation, then the threat of a armed police or semi-military strike with an offer to buy back the trafficked would focus the traffickers minds. Surely this is a lesser evil of two evils and the UN must see that ? Faced with getting out of the trade many make take the money and run. Buying could be accompanied by tracking, amnesty for identity purposes. There is no guarantee they will not re-enter the trade in the future but that lack of a guarantee exists now anyway. The current levels of children as slaves, sex slaves and trafficked is known and a budget could be set for those numbers. Will the numbers rise again in the future ? and how long in the future ? Recovering laundered slave money also adds to funds which can be used to buy back slaves. Freeing the trafficked is the  point, and every financial system listed in this amateur chapter and page has worked (separately from each other) in business practice previously. It is a business proposition in essence. Inflation set against Child slavery which one wins ? For this reason the proposed business / charity model which exists in many countries is a ideal suitable SPV for some of the problems.

Since posting this initiative (20/10/2015) which has grown from other ideas listed in this website, the reaction has been extraordinary and positive. A previous example of children bought back from slavery 2013 and Mary Carey.

An earlier example from 1820 – 1850 which involved Moses Haim Montefiore (and N M Rothschild) involved a up front  and pooled money fund ” He joined forces with middle-class religious dissenters and evangelicals (Idealistic Christians) to help end the slave trade, underwriting along with Rothschild a £15m loan to finance abolition in the West Indies. ” This would be worth 20 times 15 million now.

Encompassing every continent would be difficult for one organisation, but which could be duplicated in any case on every continent by this or other similar projects. This project would limit itself to Europe (Northern and Scandinavia) Eastern Europe and Tibet and Nepal. Proportionally (from $38 billion) $8 billion would be required.

Banks will be reimburshed through methods described in this and associated websites. An initial pool of money (in Billions) would be a proportion of what is required. It is in effect front loaded. Eliminating risk makes any idea possible.Paying back funds would be bolstered by real estate management, recovered laundered funds and appeals to charities (as a last resort) or other means, and the public may enjoy contributing to such a endeavour (A live aid type rock concert  perhaps) but the proposal should work even without this, and many banks would be happy to associated with such a urgent and feasible project in which similar precedents exist.

It is a horrific problem but it can be solved.

This industry is increasing in scope everyday and a asset which cannot be valued (only holistically) are rescued children leading full lives. This also saves money spent on treatment and care over years multiplied by hundreds of thousands of victims and if innovative ideas are not all seriously considered (combined) then it is society which is also already enslaved.


(You tube;  Happiness, free enterprise, and human flourishing: A special online event featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

A documentary showing the history of Tibet and Nepal is here (link below)

Tibet Situation : Critical – Full Documentary. Tibet Documentary by Jason Lansdell

And a wider debate; Dalai Lama in Switzerland

With the atrocities continuing in Tibet (imperialism & forced racial genocide included) , John Kerry appoints Sarah Sewall as special Tibet co-ordinator, who also oversees MARO or the Mass Atrocity Response Operations or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Sewall and obviously Tibet needs all the help it can get. Yet this raises issues of ethics and self defence, but only for a few.

(25/02/2012)Please note the oisin trust has forwarded an application as a request with companies house to request permission to begin a CIC or Community Interest Company and we will Lobby Government to allow changes be made in Irish law to enact such companies.DACIC began as a consultancy with ambitions to form a new kind of trust. An application was made to the Revenue Commissioners under ref APP19891 for a Trust Company with Charitable Tax Exemption in 2011.

The oisintrust has preformed in all other instances as a charity, yet it believes this kind of donation (although working for other charities) is unfair to many poor people around the world. Further since the taxpayers bailed out the banks, and the taxpayer has suffered through austerity and unemployment as a consequence, then the onus to donate to charities is not upon the unfortunate, but upon the banks to set aside a percentage (o.ooo001 %) per transaction as re-prepayment to those charities who are suffering because the taxpayers cannot afford to donate (etc). Since the website was built, this idea has become prevalent in the Financial Transaction tax also known as the Tobin or Robin Hood tax. It is also possible in the Carbon Tax system, which is the same in principle as the Robin Hood Tax (Financial Transaction Tax)

However Unicredit Bank Ireland support Chernobyl Children International’s Medical Programme and joining many dots, Central Banks could provide funds for a children’s bank (especially after Syrian war has shown the inadequacies in world response to tragedy)

Charities like public services and social care are running out of money ?

Alternatively a new bank for Children s needs is possible ?

As alternative ‘lets’ systems or money circulation systems have thrived in many era’s and nations, electronic circulation could also be a tremendous boon for society.

Three charities (although they do not just work as a charity) named as,

1.     Chernobyl Children international

2.    Enable Ireland (action on disability)

3.    Bernardo’s Children Charity  (who also work against Human Trafficking)

They will receive 10% each (30% of the proceeds to be donated) from the sale of the following book.The Uncreated Creator. (for previous donations see verification’s below)

The Oisintrust was also formed to pressure and lobby for a new approach to manufacturing in Ireland.Understanding aspiring Government hands are tied but could do a lot more Manufacturing of goods has declined in nearly every Western country, yet it a key to a countries wealth and future. In Ireland this is also the case. Further to this ideal rather than be hindered by imports to aid manufacturing, producing the raw materials at ‘home’ to make national manufacturing cheaper and more efficient and of course more profitable is also key to this industry. Raw materials are also outsourced to import in from other countries, when they could be collected or produced to make commodities at home in many cases, providing large scale employment. This is anathema to current planning ideology, especially worldwide in the West since the early 1980’s.

Reduction in manufacturing policies is why there is so much unemployment throughout Europe. Relying one or two industries only (specialisation) is disastrous for any national economy especially if they are only service industries.

1. The Eireannach Co-Operative societies aim was to begin manufacturing to this end, and sustain a heritage conservation industry by producing heavy and bespoke goods and specialist goods of craft and arts manufacturing. A submission for consideration has been placed with local government.

2. Lobbying for a new Disability centre which could be one new building situated anywhere, but central or it could be attached to many existing schools. As this area conflicts with areas of conservation then specialist work could be individually carried out. That it is too hard to build or too unusual has been the main objections, whilst cutbacks continue, when state planning could have produced ten or more of these centres if required.

3. Purchasing land to make new sustainable communities, investors already working in this area are interested.

4. A new company may be required to achieve this. All of this is contained within the website.

Formed at the beginning of the banking crisis, and through the International Monetary Funds oversight the restrictions and corruption endemic throughout Europe and the World has hindered new approaches. For over 2.5 years any and every obstacle has been placed in the way of this (as also other projects have testified) project. Fortunately large funding has not been wasted or invested.


An interesting backdrop to what is and what is not possible (but should be) concerns Georgia and the current problems in next door Ukraine.

The Ukraine (also known as the ‘bread basket’ of the world renound for its prosperity and fertile lands)

(August / November 2013 )With a backdrop an inspiration the Rose revolution of Georgia http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/4532539.stm (80% of the Ukraine are native Ukrianians) which opened up the bureaucracy as a stage in change a large converted building was opened for people to process applications and receive assistance and social care needs without bribery or long delays and very small fees or free in many cases (as of course people are already taxed). Needless to say the building was flooded with almost the entire country attending until regional offices opened up.In this way a new model is required and if due diligence to previous borrowing fueling Ukraines debt burden is not cancelled then independence and strength within the EU could falter, but Ukrainians are aware of their position now starting something new.

(Dec 2013) Since writing the Ukraine has undergone a ferocious revolution

(2014) Feb/March

Ukrainian parliament votes to oust President Yanukovych, sets May election

Ukrainians gave newly-freed opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko a hero’s welcome

2003 The Rose Revolution in Georgia actually first came from the people themselves without outside manipulation. Real assistance is what they required.

2004 Ukriane uprising and lessons to learn towards full independence.

March 2014 the USA and Nato send troops to assist Ukraine

(August 2014) following the civilian plane shooting in which killed many members of the Dutch community and many members of other countries, Ukraine is facing opposition for freedom from all sides in its quest for independence and its right to choose its own succession. Its president states the Ukraine will continue for freedom.

Ukraine receives €3 Billion military boost to complete its independence across all of the Ukraine, as the Ukrainian flag is raised in Red Square Moscow.

4.9.2014 NATO meets in Wales to discuss Ukraine and its independence.

16.9.2014 Ukraine finally joins EU ( first association membership, this was refused by Russia in Autumn 2013, sparking the revolution in Ukraine. Ukrainians still want East Ukraine and the Crimea.Full membership will begin in a few years. Russians demonstrate for peace in Ukraine against the war by Russia or Ukraine.

14.10.2014. Russian pulls back its troops as Georgia says it also looks to the West (With a backdrop an inspiration the Rose revolution of Georgia as in Aug/Nov 2013 above)

26.10.2014 Ukraine elections fair and free and forge move towards the West Will the Hong Kong protesters also get free and fair elections with candidates that are not CCP members ?

24.11.2014  Ukrainians will be afforded referendum on Nato membership, whilst support for Ukraine is to bedoubled 13.12.2014 Aid and defence spending and self sustainability required for Ukraine as a priority.

What is next for Ukraine and any other country is also the issue of economic independence equitably. Its own resources, minerals, lands and industry to develop a wealthy and free society (a community not just an economy)

21.04.2015 Ukraine is a country which pursues its freedom. In 1991 it voted 90% (including Crimea) for independence from Russia, this continued into the Orange Revolution 2004/2005, recent revolution in 2013/2014. Vladimir Putin has recently suggested the cause is corruption as people will rise up against it. The main source and symbol of that corruption was Viktor Yanukovych who fled to Russia in 2014 after he was forced out by the Ukrainian population. A multi – millionaire with holdings around the world and many houses and cars in Ukraine reigned in a world where the average wage is €300 a month. Its former president Victor Yanukovych is wanted for war crimes against Ukraine. The recent death of Russian opposition leader Boris in February 2015 followed rumours he was to publish details of the Russian military campaign against Ukraine.

Its main reason however remains the long suffering anguish of the forced famine by Stalin r.e.‘The Holodomor’ in 1933 when 10 million people died and millions more suffered over the following years, and which blended into WW2 and into the 1950′s before a real account could be understood as a real genocide committed by Communist forces. The Pope has recently stated that the Turkish (Islamic) slaughter of Armenians and of course it was (1 million – 1.5 million) So it was in Ukraine and Stalin also committed the same hostility on his own population in Russia.

Ukraine is rich in minerals, oil, gas and agriculture. Coal, iron ore, manganese, nickel and uranium, and others. The reserves of sulphur are the largest in the world, the reserves of mercury ore are the second largest. Also more than 5% of world reserves of iron ore are concentrated in Ukraine. Ukraine is rich in building materials (granite, marble, labradorite, chalk, marl, sandstone). The largest reserves of granite and Labradorite are found in Ukraine. It also has significant Gold mines and Lithium and carbonate also. Donetsk and the surrounding Rebel held areas are rich in Coal deposits. Its renewable energy development could be highly significant, (wind and solar) although it still has large oil and gas deposits.

Ukraine is/was known as the worlds breadbasket and is rich in wheat and corn. Despite the unofficial annex of Crimea (but which also voted for independence in 1991, before the current partial vote of Crimea only) it is still expected to pay its debts to Russia. Further war reparations (recently broached by Greece also) for the forced famine of 10 million dead and the continued occupation should (no number could do it justice) require a payment of at least 1 Trillion Euros or Dollars. Ukraine is possibly the richest country yet remains the poorest. It has chosen Nato due to the corruption and requires aid, development and control of its own resources to improve its living standards and control its own destiny.

09.05.2015 For over 90 years the Ukraine has been forced to live in alert and under threats which have when not it is not occupied have resulted in mass Murder (under Stalin, the biggest mass murderer except for Chairman Mao, both of whom conducted psychological and physical/economic warfare on their own people/country for decades ) starvation and poverty. Russia (in what is seen as a hoax but which is also true) suggests it could re-invade Ukraine and occupy Kiev. Latvia and Lithuania are the latest countries to break away from Russia towards the EU and Nato. 100 % employment which is not a subsistence wage is possible and countries which aim for it as a policy improves its prosperity. this was the original attitude of the Rose Revolution in Georgia.

28.07.2015 The Ukraine is in a stage where it is recognising that nationalism or love of your country is not fascism. Anything which suppresses the love of your country is fascism. Nationalism is repressed especially if any country has abundant natural resources to house, feed and maintain the good health of its people, especially the elderly, children and the sick. The Ukraine simply wishes independence and a right to its own natural resources to profit and share as it sees fit without rebels claiming areas simply for economic reasons. Its current situation of occupation and intent to join a new project (in the scheme and history of nations) such as the EU is mirrored by Finlands struggle in World War 2, against overwhelming odds. It now trades with Russia which has every natural resource for independence within its natural borders, and is a member state (partial member) of the EU and it is gaining Western recognition from other countries aside from the USA and Europe.

03.08.2016 The Ukraine is in a precarious position as its partnership deal was rejected by Dutch voters in April 2015. The Ukraine is not a member of Nato. Holland in some quarters is calling for a referendum on leaving the EU following the British brexit vote on 23.06.2016. The brexit vote revealed that Britain wished it had secured a different deal in 1969 – 1973. What is worrying is there is no concern or press statement from Obama on the Christian genocide and he is still denying it as genocide. Mr Khans son was a tragic loss but Obama and Clinton do not care about him or Christians in the middle east (in which Syrians were left to die under Russian occupation whilst Iran is armed with nuclear weapons and the Ukraine is hovering between freedom and Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s polices.

Since Russia invaded Georgia in 2004 and Syria in 2015 will they use Crimea to re-invade the Ukraine. Ideas on the unlikely idea that this will occur is based upon George W Bush 2004 Strategy in which the USA worked with Putin to fight al-Qaida and other extremist groups after 9/11. Although they are not invading the Ukraine now, a partial EU membership / partnership or deal similar to Finland (Fire and Ice documentary when Finland fought Russia who were expelled by the league of nations for trying to crush a country) or a Norway type deal, would bolster the Ukraine. If Russia is serious then it will allow access to the Black sea through the Crimea as well as Odessa and withdraw its troops from within the new border of the Ukraine in both areas.

The new EU superarmy which includes Britain but as an ally not under a command and also includes other EU states and which will either be a Nato combined force or EU superarmy force with Nato at its core could takeover the Crimea if the political will was there (it is not currently in the USA)

04.03.2016 – December 2015 The Documentary of Ukraine’s fight for for freedom (ongoing) is released “Winter on Fire” (or here) in Cinemas and Shown here (or trailer)


(RIP to all those who died in the Dutch plane crash, and several other plane crashes worldwide)


Ireland has also sought independence and ownership of its resources.

An interesting man who suffered many problems in Ireland is Sean Simons who had many planning problems, but who managed to undertake a large scale development. Grand Designs of Channel four made a documentary on the problems, which are beyond planning problems (Series 1 episode 8 Southern Ireland) http://www.channel4.com/programmes/grand-designs/episode-guide/series-8/

Manufacturing and ‘Made in Ireland’ (or your country, or any country) was the subject of a documentary by TG4 in Ireland. (entitled ‘Deanta in Eireann’ Deanta means ‘made in’) Manchan Mangan sets out to buy only goods produced at home, how far he went or if he was successful can be seen in the documentary, or by contacting the programme makers. Yet by his own confession he did not get far. http://www.tg4.ie/en/programmes/deanta-in-eirinn.html

The oisintrust like many similar projects aims to encourage sustainable, organic debt free living on land which is owned by the people for the people and/or as individuals. Similar projects already exist !Encouraging well built debt free housing where people can raise their large families (and people should have as many children as they wish, with time and well paid employment to produce those large families)  without bureaucracy or undue care. Free from post modernist ideological nonsense but with open and honest views. Modern design in housing can be eco – designed and society can have both a well paid, 100 % employed active society with sustainable development and still protect the land and environment, and Farmers who wish to retain their lands. Small farms should also be encouraged to start up, with an organic philosophy. (Growing upwards or vertically instead of across fields seems to be the way forward in Urban or Country small farms) Science already has these solutions.

So far the promise of a planning revolution (promised also in Ireland, instead a undemocratic bureaucratic alternative is proposed, forced through by  top down legislation and large financial fines) This alternative plays lip service to community and local democracy, and is not assisted by Local Agenda 21 which is also proving unpopular and unworkable as it is also undemocratic. Agenda 21 requires public participation, one of the three pillars of the Aarhus Convention. 1) Access to Information. 2) Public Participation. 3) Access to Justice. Yet if public participation is confused and on a non legal basis, then along with the abolition of local Irish Town councils a top down ‘consensus’ from a pre-existing agenda will follow. Access to funding may therefore be very difficult for local community, to this end the following submission to the 1st stage of the new Aarhus convention was placed here at the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, and see 21 submissions on the page and Fis Nua. Also sent previously to the Rio Earth Summit in June 2012

Further in Ireland only a half way house of the Aarhus  Convention now been formally ratified in Ireland but it is still is unclear why fees are paid by both parties under 1) Access to Justice instead of the fees being waived for the public as the convention directs in cases of Judicial Review. Changes to An Bord Pleanala in the new structure of Municipal Councils will mean local democracy is neutralised. Fees should be automatically waived in sensible cases but in  its current form it is left to the Judges discretion (see Hunter -v- Nurendale Limited t/a Panda Waste ) The Public has until November 1st to Submit for the Second Draft Stage, and free Judicial review should be demanded.

The new Court of Appeal (sits above the high court where Judicial review’s can be heard) now accepted in the Oct 2013 referendum will still incur heavy costs. Cost can prevent 3) Access to Justice. 2) Public participation is also only lip service or a box ticking exercise, instead of legal community with full debate, vote and enactment with legal powers of enforcement for all. Ownership of rights to granting licenses should also be a shared community legal right onshore or offshore.

This is amidst the abolition of town councils and increased privatisations. (without profits staying in Ireland, which with newly formed indigenous made Irish Corporations could be very beneficial nationally) To this end the following interim document or  survey of all councils and professionals was prepared Lia Fal or http://eireannach1.oisintrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Conservation-Preservation-and-Restoration-Plans-in-Ireland.pdf (see especially page 126 fwd & pages 113 – 119) The current planning revolution has completely failed society worldwide.

The oisintrust which is now 2.5 years old will shortly have an accompanying Book which will be available to buy detailing its journey and the problems in planning in Ireland. The book describes what happens as an insight in actuality in planning in Ireland (which could be a similar story in any country) on a daily basis. It is an interesting story. Priced at One Euro (€1) it will detail how it was to work, and how to avoid planning pitfalls.

Further details of the charities and contacts (if verification is required) is contained at http://www.oisintrust.org/oisin.htm and the acknowledgements tab (or simply click on the main universe picture, through the coastal beech scene and into acknowledgements)

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It aims are for the prevention or relief of poverty, the advancement of education and community welfare, including the relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health or disability and the advancement of the efficient & effective use of the property of charitable organisations, by obtaining funds and other resources from financial institutions and individuals, advising charities engaged in charitable objects [set out herein ] in obtaining funds and other resources from financial institutions & individuals and distributing such funds and resources to charitable organisations engaged in such object.

The oisin trust is represented by the picture of the “house of bread” (space) on the bottom left of your screen. Also represented are  erinannach co-operative society ltd  by brids cross on the bottom middle, also by  ullord  (orchard) represented by the nine Hazels (forest) on the bottom right and lastly by  disability access & children international consultancy itself represented by the Sun & Moon picture also on the bottom right. All four projects can be accessed by clicking these pictures and navigating through its second page, which also gives you access to the other projects to the final third page. The red icon is for information.

The other projects are methods (or possible methods) of achieving the aims of the trust. If you wish to become a trustee please view the trust’s page for details, if you wish to join the co-operative and understand its aims  and which is open to anyone) please follow the directions on its third page.

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28.07.2015 The Ukraine is in a stage where it is recognising that nationalism or love of your country is not fascism. Anything which suppresses the love of your country is fascism. Nationalism is repressed especially if any country has abundant natural resources to house, feed and maintain the good health of its people, especially the elderly, children and the sick. The Ukraine simply wishes independence and a right to its own natural resources to profit and share as it sees fit without rebels claiming areas simply for economic reasons. Its current situation of occupation and intent to join a new project (in the scheme and history of nations) such as the EU is mirrored by Finlands struggle in World War 2, against overwhelming odds. It now trades with Russia which has every natural resource for independence within its natural borders, and is a member state (partial member) of the EU and it is gaining Western recognition from other countries aside from the USA and Europe.
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